About Us

The Counsel Suite is a platform that helps you draft legal documents and contracts online. Choose a document template, fill in the details, preview the document and get the latest documents updated. Based on your requirements, we will help you design in your 'best fit' document for your purpose.

The Counsel Suite is built in association with Vidhinyas - Solicitors & Associates who act as our legal advisors. The team includes legal professionals, product designers, software developers, internet marketers, sales honchos and customer engagement specialists.

The genuinity & accuracy comes from the go-getting spirit of the young, virtuous team and mind behind The Counsel Suite with a rhapsodic mix of skill-sets and values. The team that finds joy in each other's genius. And the one that believes in the common aim of helping the entire country find simplicity in legal services

We love taking up challenges, working towards our commitments and raising the bar when it comes to providing you with the best in Customer Experience. We strive to improve our services continually in order to serve the customer better. We're all ears when it comes to receiving feedback from our customers. Connect with https://www.thecounselsuite.com/ and we'll take care of all your legal drafting requirements.

Laws were created to protect and empower us—as individuals, families and business owners—but many people don't get the help they need because of costly legal fees and complexity.

With The Counsel Suite, we want to change things by making legal services affordable, simple and available to more people than ever before. We take immense pride to say that we've been able to build a service that millions of people can rely upon. Every day we spend our time and resources making it easier for people to get the legal help they need, so they can focus on what's really important—taking care of their families and building strong businesses.

We combine legal documents and legal information with access to affordable representation by ever - since - practicing lawyers of our Team. Our commitment to affordable and accessible legal services is at the heart of everything we do.

Together, we'll make the law & documents easy for you.
We will work for your 'Best Fit'.

Team Vidhinyas